What Does The Job Market Look Like For General Practitioners?

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General practitioners have chosen an occupational field that is going to see much growth in the coming years. When looking at the average job growth for all occupations, general practitioners come in well above the mark. There is always going to be a significant need for people in this field. What’s the average salary? It’s right around $189k a year.

Some general practitioners make more, and some make less, but all make good money. It takes a while to finish up the educational requirements, but it’s about purpose, serving others and having a career that is very rewarding all the way around. The money sure doesn’t hurt either. Think about what it would mean to become a general practitioner.

Perhaps you are already on your way to becoming one, and you have been questioning whether or not you have chosen the right field. As mentioned, there is always going to be a need for people entering the field of medicine. And by the way, when it comes to that salary figure mentioned earlier, that is more the base pay for a physician and not the average. While there are some that choose to work out of offices that pay less, or they start their practices, that base pay figure is substantial.

A figure released in 2016 said that the job market you’re entering is going to grow 13 percent in the next decade. That number is good, but you might not be too impressed just yet. When you hear that it is well above the average of most other occupations, however, it’s quite impressive, don’t you agree?

It is no secret that the medical field has always needed people, and general practitioners are no different. Do you have a vision yet of how you want to serve the public? Maybe setting up your practice and doing a great job is what you dream of doing. You could help the people of your community. Perhaps you could even set up a practice where you serve the people in your community that have needs and can’t pay for everything.

There is a divide between medical care and medical costs that leaves so many people out. Yet you do have to make sure you make money. You will be spending quite a lot of time in school. A medical degree isn’t cheap, and you’re going to start your career a little later than most. Yet you are going to have a long and gratifying career as a general practitioner.

Think about all the people you’re going to help. The job prospects for general practitioners are great moving forward, so you can choose from among the many available opportunities. You have to decide how you want to get involved. You have time to do that. Consider where you fit into the field of medicine and what type of doctor you want to be. You are going to be helping people, and that’s what matters. The opportunities will come your way as you prepare to start work as a general practitioner.

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Effective Treatment Approaches For Drug Addiction

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Drug rehabilitation involves various psychotherapeutic and medical processes for the treatment of addiction to psychoactive substances including alcohol, street drugs like heroin, cocaine, and amphetamines, and prescription drugs. Several treatment approaches are outlined by NIDA (The National Institute of Drug Abuse) based on reliable data collected over the past forty years. The general intent is to improve the odds of treatment success by helping addicts to confront the facts of their dependence, end their substance abuse, lower the risk of relapse, and help them rebuild their lives. Treatment approaches include counseling by experts, sharing experiences with other addicts in group therapy, family and community therapy, and medication for mental disorders like depression and mood disorders.

drug rehabilitation

Why is Therapy so Important?

Drug addiction is a multi-faceted problem, but it can be treated effectively. The successful cessation of any type of drug addiction is a major accomplishment that enables addicts to avoid the physical, social, financial, and legal consequences of addiction, especially those caused by extreme drug abuse. For most addicts detox in a rehabilitation center is only the beginning of a life-long battle against relapse, particularly for those with opioid addiction.

Many drug rehabilitation programs address psychological dependence by attempting to introduce patients to new ways of interacting in a drug-free environment. For example, patients are urged to avoid interaction with others who are using addictive substances. Addicts are encouraged to attend 12-Step programs that not only help them abstain from drug and alcohol use but help them to examine themselves and change habits that may be related to their addictions. In most programs, it is emphasized that drug recovery is an ongoing life-long process without no prospect of culmination. Attempts at moderation are considered unsustainable and usually lead to a relapse.

Types of Treatment for Drug Addiction

The chemical structure of the brain impacted by drug abuse remains long after a person has stopped using. This increases the risk of relapse and emphasizes the importance of integrated therapies in the treatment of addiction. An effective treatment program addresses multiple needs rather than the addiction alone. Scientific research has shown that medically assisted alcohol and drug detoxification is ineffective on its own as a treatment for addiction. NIDA has recommended that detoxification is followed by medication where appropriate, as well as relapse prevention and behavioral therapy. The effective methodology must include physical as well as mental health services and be followed up with options such as counseling and family or community-based support systems. Whatever the approach, patient motivation has been shown to be an important factor in the successful treatment of addictions.

Types of treatments for addiction include:

– CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
– REBT (Rational Behavior therapy)
– CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training)
– DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy
– Contingent Management
– Motivational Interviewing
– Multidimensional Family Therapy
– EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy)
– Integrative Approach
– Matrix Model
– Person-Centred Therapy

These are just some of the numerous treatment approaches for drug addiction that are available.


Counseling forms an important part of any addiction treatment program including behavior therapy, family counseling, individual counseling, and other approaches that help addicts recover from addiction and stay clean. Psychotherapy is used to treat associated mental problems that often contribute to drug abuse. Social and psychological factors are powerful stimuli for drug abuse relapse and include sudden life stresses, cues from visiting a familiar neighborhood, social interaction with users, and many more. These are factors that can create an almost irresistible urge to start using again.
Counseling helps addicts learn how to better cope with stresses without resorting to drugs. There are many counseling therapies and no one method has been established as better than another as there is no single approach that is appropriate for everyone with addiction problems. The most effective program will be tailored to the particular addiction and needs of the individual.
When attempting to find the right treatment program it is important to learn more about the different types of therapy available.


Treatments for those addicted to prescription drugs tend to be similar because the same brain systems are affected. Medication for the treatment of those addicted to prescription opioids includes buprenorphine and methadone. Medication forms an important part of treatment and can help address any mental aspects underlying drug abuse.

Individual and Group Therapy

Both individual and group therapy are important aspects of a treatment program. Individual therapy is helpful in identifying co-existing conditions such as depression, bipolar, and other mental health disorders that may require treatment in their own right. Group therapy both supports and challenges addicts as they are confronted with peers who are part of the recovery program. 

Outpatient or Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is more successful as it separates the addict from people and places that encouraged drug abuse and enhances opportunities for learning new skills and habits for sober living. While residential treatment can be highly effective in the short-term, there is a higher risk of relapse when the addict returns to an environment where drug use is within easy reach. That is why it is essential to have an effective, integrated, drug addiction treatment program in place with ongoing counseling and support from professionals as well as family and friends.

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5 Ways To Keep Your Face And Skin Healthy for Athletes

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If you’re an athlete, it doesn’t matter if you do sporting events professionally or just work out as a weekend warrior against friends casually. You do it because you love the sports or activities you perform, and you like the health benefits that it all brings you. From higher levels of metabolism and leaner physical form to lower rates of heart disease and cancer, exercise is the fountain of youth, vigor, and longevity for many.

Still, depending on when, where, and how you sport, you might be hurting your body a little or even a lot. Your skin and face, in particular, are susceptible to everything from sun damage to chemicals in the pool to wind chill when you take an early morning winter run. Keep reading the following paragraphs to learn five ways you can keep your face and skin healthy as an athlete.

healthy skin

1) Stay Hydrated:
Whether your skin is burned by the surface, washed off by the splashes of water, or just faces continually blowing wind, the moisture can get sucked right out of it in pretty much any kind of exercise that you choose to do. Staying hydrated is already a necessity for you to sweat and your body to perform well in practice or sports, but it’s also useful to the cells in your skin and face to replenish lost fluids and restore your glow. Toxin removal is also a big thing that hydration and sweat can do for you, which just doesn’t happen without water. If you drink so many fluids already that you feel like your bladder can’t take anymore, look at your diet. Many foods can dry you out, and some fruits and veggies are so moist and juicy that they can be a significant source of hydration for your body.

2) Wear Sunscreen:
It used to be that you would only wear sunscreen to avoid sunburn during a long day on the beach, but given the understanding of what the sun can do in any climate, any time of year, it’s now known that even light sun exposure risks cancer later in life. Always use sunscreen when doing activities outdoors, and reapply as necessary. You might think about skipping it to get a good tan, but if you’re drinking and eating right, your skin should get a great glow just from your nutrition and exercise.

3) Wear Something:
UPF clothing, hats, and sunglasses can prevent a lot of damage to various parts of your body. Even in warm weather, UPF-protective arm sleeves can keep the sun off your skin while modern materials wick away moisture from sweat. Sometimes, the right materials and colors can keep your skin more relaxed than open-air exposure. A good headband is also useful for keeping sweat off of your face while working out. You can even use it to spare your hairline damage from the sun.

4) Exfoliate:
Have you ever noticed that the faces of many men seem to age better than many women? There’s a theory that shaving is responsible for that. Shaving is a crude yet effective form of exfoliation, removing buildup and dead cells so younger, healthier ones can grow in their place. We recommend using a skin mask to increase your ability to exfoliate, if you need a recommend check out this one. This is the best charcoal mask we could find!

5) Moisturize:
Similar to the benefits of hydrating through taking in enough fluids, you can also help your skin retain moisture and have a protective layer by applying an external moisturizer. Consult a dermatologist to review your specific athletic activities and schedule so you can choose the right moisturizer and times to implement one. Pure path skin care has some great recommendations on products that can help you moisturize.

If you’re already an athlete, these are five ways you can keep your face and skin healthy. You might have previously known some of them, but not all, and even if you did, a reminder never hurts. You can hopefully use this knowledge to learn new things or just get back in good habits again.

The wisdom in this article isn’t just for currently active athletes either. Parents of active children can teach their kids useful health hints, as can leaders in scouting troops, teachers, or even spouses of adults starting to become active themselves for the first time.

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4 Vital Benefits of Functional Fitness for Seniors

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If you go to a fitness club, you will witness various types of exercises being done by people. Trainers also come up with innovative ideas of exercising. There are several workout machines (i.e. a rower machine or the best elliptical) and equipment which can help you with such innovative trainings. One of the latest in the world of fitness training is functional fitness. This type of physical training has a more practical approach. Exercises are done in such a way that your muscles are made to function just like they would on any normal day of your life. In other words, it is more or less a type of physical training which helps your body to prepare itself for different types of daily activities. It boosts your physical strength and endurance level.

Benefits of Functional Fitness

If you do regular exercises, your body will find it very easy to function smoothly. However, functional fitness has a more practical approach. Here are some of the benefits of such physical training.

  1. Makes Your Daily Life Easier: As discussed above, functional fitness helps your muscles to function just like on any given day. It also helps to boost your level of endurance and muscle strength. Your body stability and muscle development also improves with such a fitness training. As a result of this, you will find it very simple to complete your daily activities with ease. Such types of physical training target all the movements of your body you usually do on a daily basis.
  2. Improve Muscle Memory: According to fitness experts, if your body performs the same type of movements or exercises every day, it gets more responsive. It finds it very simple to perform the same movements in the days to come. Thus, functional fitness helps to improve your muscle memory. Performing such workouts regularly will also boost your brain’s memory.
  3. Low Impact: Unlike various types of exercises trained in fitness clubs, functional fitness training is low impact. It is a great form of exercise, especially for first timers and those of you who do not know how and where to start your fitness training. Most of you may find it very difficult to understand the best forms of exercises to suit your needs. However, functional fitness training does not create such a doubt in your mind, since it is designed to help you with your day to day chores.
  4. Enhances Coordination and Flexibility: Most of you may have heard that functional training will only result in weight gain and a loss in your natural body flexibility. This is not true at all. The range of movements in functional training is large. Your muscles get stretched by a great extent, which certainly cannot give rise to bulking of your body. Such types of training are also designed to enhance your flexibility and not reduce it.

There are several other benefits of functional fitness. If you also wish to learn such a fitness technique, then it will be a good idea to seek proper guidance from a physical trainer. Once you know how to do it, you may perform it on your own.

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Top Physical Therapy Schools in the USA

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Anybody Who’s seeking to follow a career as a physical therapist should think about attending one of the top 10 physical therapy universities. Following a significant injury or illness, physical treatment is just one of the most indispensable rehabilitation measures for a patient. Consequently, those who would like to follow a career within this subject should devote themselves to obtaining an excellent education in a leading school, to be able to supply a high degree of attention to the patients. Even though there’s a huge collection of schools in which you can pick from, several of which provide a top excellent education, those considering enrolling at one of the nation’s top schools should think about the next.

Top Physical Therapy Schools

University Of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh provides both Master’s and doctorate physical treatment programs to qualified students. The faculty consistently ranks among the greatest universities in the country for physical therapists. The curriculum requires six semesters of classroom evaluation, followed with a three-year clinical profession, where the pupil will understand clinical skills under the immediate supervision of a certified physical therapist.

University Of Southern California

The University of Southern California is also the best rated college for physical therapy plans. The faculty provides a doctor of physical therapy plan. The classroom section of the application is finished in four decades, followed with a paid internship in a center of the University’s selection, that can last anywhere from two to four decades, based on one’s ability and whether the student has elected to concentrate in a specific location.

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Important Benefits Of Taking Nootropics As A Senior

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Nootropics have become popular as an effective smart drug that could improve the overall brain functions of a person. In fact, there is no one type of person who can benefit from this smart drug. Even seniors can benefit from this drug when taken according to the correct dosage. Some people take nootropic supplements to improve their concentration while some others take it to boost their moods. There is enough research to show the effectiveness of the supplement in aiding seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s. This article provides information on some of the most important benefits of taking nootropics as a senior.


Most seniors over the age of 65 years undergo coronary bypass surgery. There was a study conducted in 2014 where a team of researchers administered Piracetam to seniors who had recently undergone coronary bypass surgery. The patients who took the supplement were able to recover much faster compared to the placebo group. In fact, the supplement also helped these people combat post-surgery fogginess. Most of the research on nootropics have been focused on Alzheimer’s disease. A majority of seniors have derived positive benefits from nootropic supplements in this regard.



In a study conducted in 2008, lab mice suffering from Alzheimer’s were given the best nootropic supplements for a week. The results were quite astonishing since the mice suffering from the disease normalized. In fact, this experiment provides a huge breakthrough in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Nootropics could stop the disease in its track and prevent the condition from progressing.


Nootropic supplements are said to turn back the clock on brain degeneration. In fact, age can affect each person quite differently. A lucky few may see no decline in cognition while others may not be that fortunate. Seniors would experience a reduced ability to remember things once they grow old. There was a study conducted in 1996 to see if elderly mice could recognize objects once they were given nootropics. The lab mice were given doses of 25, 50, and 100 mg of Aniracetam. The mice that took the mid-level dose were able to behave similarly to younger mice. The research team also tested the mice with Oxiracetam, and the results were almost identical. Scientists believe that the regimen could also help humans.


With numerous brands of nootropic supplements on the market, you should be cautious when choosing the right product. That is where your research is important. There are many things to consider when choosing the right brand of nootropic supplement on the market. The Internet is the best resource to find a quality nootropic supplement on the market. You may search either Google or Yahoo for this purpose. In fact, you can easily find the right product to match your budget by searching the Internet.


In conclusion, nootropic supplements have become quite popular with seniors of this day and age. There are numerous benefits to seniors from these supplements. The above article provides information on important benefits of taking nootropics as a senior.